In 2019, the Hungarian Hiking Association also organized the Hiking Festival in Verőce, in Csattogó-völgy. The Hungarian Soil Science Society and the ATK Institute of Soil Sciences participated in the program with an interactive presentation.

The aim of the presentation is to draw attention to the fact that multi-criteria analysis is essential for an in-depth understanding of the role of soil microbe communities in the rhizosphere (functions, performance indicators) and the sustainability of the particular tillage method.

Gábor Szatmári of the Department of Soil Mapping and Environmental Informatics won the three-year support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Premium postdoctoral program in 2019.

The presentation briefly summarises the importance of soil structure research, traditional and innovative methods of structural testing, and presents the most important results of the current research in the department on the subject.

The University of Debrecen awarded the title of Honorary Professor to László Pásztor, senior research fellow of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences ATK TAKI, Head of the Department of Soil Mapping and Environmental Informatics.

During the seminar, our colleagues shared their travel experiences with us in connection with their visit to the Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Japan.

The EIP-AGRI (European Innovation Partnership) Soil Salinization Expert Group, organised by the European Commission, held its two-day meeting in Budapest on 15-16 May 2019.

“Curiosity is the main driver of the research", a conversation with our colleague Gábor Szatmári appeared on the Researchers' Night website. The researchers in the Brain Star section are not only successful in their field of expertise, but we also get a glimpse into their exciting lives.

At the Earth Festival held at the Budapest Zoo, the MTA ATK Institute of Soil Sciences and the Hungarian Soil Science Society were represented together in 2019, in accordance with the traditions of previous years.

A report on a remote conference, its location, the capital Santiago and its surroundings. Picture summary of work in the desert-high mountain environment – results, pitfalls, future plans.

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