The library was founded in 1949, when Institute for Agricultural Chemistry was estabilished. Since 1957, our name is Institute for Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry. Our main role is to help our researchers scientific work. The library coverage is based on scientific literature of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and connected fields. The library can be used by researchers from other scientific intitutions, teachers and students of higher education.


  • Approximately 11000 scientific books, mostly in foreign languages (English, German Russian, French , Spanish, and others) and in Hungarian.
  • Hundreds of titles (about 8000 volumes) of Hungarian and international scientific periodicals from the early 20 th century to years 2010s. After 2000 we have only few printed periodicals in our collection, we offer electronic acces to publications from bibliographic and full text databases.
  • Dissertations, research reports and other types of grey literature.


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