Speaker: Dr. Tünde Takács, Department of Soil Biology

We spoke after watching a film that sparked a lively professional debate and aroused great interest from the lay audience as well, the aim of which was to evaluate the statements made from a professional point of view, to formulate how we see the problem area.

The study of the entire nitrogen cycle is increasingly prioritised and the goal is to achieve better nitrogen efficiency. In recent years, our studies have focused on certain factors affecting efficiency, which we provide a brief insight into.

Presenter: Dr. Tibor Tóth, Department of Soil Mapping and Environmental Informatics

The aim of the presentation is to draw attention to the fact that multi-criteria analysis is essential for an in-depth understanding of the role of soil microbe communities in the rhizosphere (functions, performance indicators) and the sustainability of the particular tillage method.

The presentation briefly summarises the importance of soil structure research, traditional and innovative methods of structural testing, and presents the most important results of the current research in the department on the subject.

During the seminar, our colleagues shared their travel experiences with us in connection with their visit to the Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Japan.

A report on a remote conference, its location, the capital Santiago and its surroundings. Picture summary of work in the desert-high mountain environment – results, pitfalls, future plans.

Presenter: Márton Dencső, Department of Soil Physics and Water Management

Dendrochronology is a scientific research method that goes beyond simple tree ring calculations, with which, in addition to the dating possibilities provided by tree ring databases, many environmental information can also be collected and analysed.

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