Gábor Szatmári and László Pásztor's 2019 article in the journal Geoderma achieved a top 1% citation based on the Web of Science assessment.

We are sad to announce that Dr. Béláné Debreczeni, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Professor Emerita of the Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia, a former employee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences TAKI, passed away on April 10.

At the management election meeting, the committee elected Mátyás Árvai, an employee of ATK TAKI, as one of its members.

Speaker: Dr. Tünde Takács, Department of Soil Biology

János Mészáros is taking part for the second time in expeditions organized under the Hungarian Dry Andean Research Program in the vicinity of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile.

We spoke after watching a film that sparked a lively professional debate and aroused great interest from the lay audience as well, the aim of which was to evaluate the statements made from a professional point of view, to formulate how we see the problem area.

Mátyás Árvai successfully defended his doctoral thesis at ELTE's Doctoral School of Earth Sciences on 13 December 2019.

The study of the entire nitrogen cycle is increasingly prioritised and the goal is to achieve better nitrogen efficiency. In recent years, our studies have focused on certain factors affecting efficiency, which we provide a brief insight into.

László Pásztor, head of the Soil Mapping and Environmental Informatics Department at ATK TAKI, successfully defended his doctoral thesis.

Presenter: Dr. Tibor Tóth, Department of Soil Mapping and Environmental Informatics

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