On 25 September 2020, the Hungarian Soil Science Society, together with the staff of NAIK ERTI and ATK TAKI, organized the Soil Science Wanderer Meeting online.

Researcher in the Soil Biology Department of ATK TAKI (Péter Csontos, senior author) and co-authors in the New Phytologist in their recently published article, they examined the long-term data (33 years) on the flowering date of 329 species of plant that are permeated in the soil by the help of bulbs, tubers or rhizoomes.

The prize is primarily in recognition of scientific works already published and not older than five years for academics and researchers under the age of 40 in the field of earth sciences.

The Senate of the University of Óbuda awarded the title of associate professor to Dr. Tünde Imréné Takács, senior research fellow at ATK TAKI, in recognition of her outstanding professional work over the years.

The Department of Agricultural Economics of the Hungarian Chamber of Forensic Experts organized a conference with the support of the Institute for Soil Sciences and the Hungarian Soil Science Society.

András Makó, a researcher of the Soil Physics and Water Management Department, successfully applied for the basic research OTKA tender announced by NKFIH.

The memorial service for József Szabó, director of TAKI, took place on 6 August 2020 at 15:00 at the Forestry Arboretum in Gödöllő.

We are shocked to learn that József Szabó, director of ATK TAKI, died on 2 July 2020, at the 60th year of his life.
His memory will live forever in our hearts.

Gábor Szatmári and László Pásztor's 2019 article in the journal Geoderma achieved a top 1% citation based on the Web of Science assessment.

We are sad to announce that Dr. Béláné Debreczeni, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Professor Emerita of the Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia, a former employee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences TAKI, passed away on April 10.

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