Researchers at the Institute for Soil Sciences have developed a new national land evaluation model based on artificial intelligence. The proposed methodology can be used for integrated monitoring of biomass productivity in cadastral systems, land use planning and agricultural development programmes, among other possible applications.

Gábor Szatmári, postdoc researcher at the Institute for Soil Sciences received the Youth Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

'Functions and services at the boundary between Earth and sky, or how soil ensures human (well-)being' was the theme of a lecture day at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The results of the project are gradually being published in various international journals.

On September 30, 2022, between 14:00-22:00, we are waiting for visitors in the building of the Institute for Soil Sciences

The membership of the Hungarian Soil Science Society (MTT) elected a new Board of the Society. Péter László, senior research fellow of the Institute for Soil Sciences, will fulfil the position of Vice President for the next four years.

Gábor Szatmári was awarded the Kreybig Lajos Prize for young researchers by the Hungarian Soil Science Society in recognition of his outstanding work in soil science and related fields.

Researchers from ATK TAKI collaborating with researchers from the Department of Landscape Protection and Environmental Geography, University of Debrecen, have studied the possibility of high-resolution mapping and assessment of salt-affectedness in a study area close to Dunavecse on 85 hectares. The results and findings have been published open access in Agronomy.

Institute for Soil Sciences and Eötvös Loránd University studied the development of soil erosion in three vineyards in the Neszmély wine region over a period of one year. The results of the research are published in the journal Remote Sensing.

The Institute for Soil Sciences, Centre for Agricultural Research launches a new citizen science program called "InvestiGATE for your soil". Anyone can participate in our program to learn about soils.

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