Nondestructive monitoring of root dielectric response

Project Description

Due to the technical problems in studying living roots in the soil, much less information is available about roots compared to shoots. Therefore, dielectric measurements, which do not require root damage (digging, washing), are very important. Electrical capacitance measured between a ground and a plant electrode (inserted into the soil and attached to the stem base, respectively) is proportional to the size and functional activity of the root system. The root development of various crop species during the plant growth cycle can be monitored by repeated capacitance measurements. This project aims to test the sensitivity of the method for tracking the response of root to various stresses. The dielectric parameters are detected in potted maize, cucumber and pea plants cultivated in a growth chamber. Our purpose is to provide a novel technique, which can promote the various fields of plant investigation by completing the laborious and expensive common root monitoring methods. As vigorous root system often related to enhanced grain yield in crops, the presented innovative approach is expected to be beneficial in breeding programs.

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Department of Soil Physics and Water Management
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