Evaluation of soil moisture regime in Slovakian and Hungarian side of the Danube River in respect to the vegetation need

Project Description

The project aims to evaluate the altered soil moisture and temperature regime due to climate and land use change at Szigetköz and Csallóköz regions. The results of groundwater level and soil water monitoring system from both sides of the Danube River are being elaborated. The outcomes of the study will be assessed on the basis of extant research experience and skills of both institutes.

In the first phase of the research the spatial heterogeneity of the soil properties will be studied with multivariate and geostatistical methods. Applying time series analysis the temporal change of the groundwater level and soil water content will be evaluated in the function of meteorological time series. In the frame of scenario analysis the effects of forecasting climate change on soil water and temperature regime and on the elements of groundwater balance will be assessed in different land use systems.

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SAS-HAS, SNK-5/2013
Department of Soil Physics and Water Management
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