Development of soil degradation subsystem (TDR) of the National Environmental Information System (OKIR)

Project Description

The project aims at:

  • the production of soil data required for soil protection,
  • monitoring both soil state and environmental impact of agriculture,
  • in addition, the creation of an IT background in order to facilitate the implementation of directives specified in the EU soil protection strategy.
  • Furthermore, the project aims at publishing soil data and information in order to support the implementation of related public services and information to the public.

During this IT development project a Soil Degradation Information System (TDR) will be created as a part of the Hungarian Environmental Information System (OKIR).

The participants of the consortium will carry out the following tasks:

  • representative selection of agricultural holdings,
  • environmental load data collection at the selected holdings,
  • indication modeling,
  • soil data collection based on field sampling in representative sampling design,
  • soil state indication
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Department of Soil Mapping and Environmental Informatics
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